If you’re looking to invest in the women of your organization through customized leadership development training and coaching tailored specifically to your unique needs, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Meet Myra and Ashley, facilitators and coaches with a passion for helping women live their purpose.

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Ashley Freeman, MBA

Ashley Freeman, MBA

Founder and Lead Facilitator, Flourishing Work LLC

Ashley Freeman is the founder of Flourishing Work LLC where she helps individuals, companies and organizations fulfill their purpose. Flourishing Work LLC was founded on the principle that everyone deserves a work environment in which they can fully express their unique gifts on their path to purpose. After leaving her full-time job to pursue entrepreneurship and provide facilitation in 2018, Ashley aims to create access to an uplifting environment for everyone.

Myra Herring, MBA

Myra Herring, MBA

Founder and CEO, Capri Brand LLC

Myra Capri Herring is the founder and CEO of Capri Brand, where she helps women show up with a more powerful image and presence.  After spending 10 years as a technology consultant witnessing negative impacts on women’s careers, she received her MBA from Emory Business School in 2018. She has since made Atlanta her home and aims to help women polish their personal and professional brand through image consulting and personal development coaching.

Facilitation Topics

Building Trust as a Manager

Facilitator: Ashley Freeman

New managers are typically promoted for their individual contributor skills, and 6 out of 10 of them receive no formal training on how to manage people. In this session, we cover the most important skill to a cohesive and productive team – trust – and how women can build it on their teams to enhance their team’s engagement.

Building Your Personal Brand

Facilitator: Ashley Freeman

“Everyone has a brand — whether they actively manage it or not.” Do you know the components of your brand, and how they fit in with your values? Do you currently have the brand you want to be known for? How do others view you at work and school? In this session, we will explore the components of a brand, assess what brand you currently have, and discuss how to be known for the brand you want (and how NOT to be known for the brand you don’t want!) You’ll leave with a draft statement of your desired brand, and some actionable insights you can implement today for how to be known as the rockstar you are, even during these virtual times.


Crafting Your Career Purpose Statement

Facilitator: Ashley Freeman

Most of us have a loose understanding of our ideal career path, but what if you could clarify your career purpose into a single statement? This interactive and reflective session walks participants through the components that make up a career purpose statement, and leaves them with a draft statement to share with colleagues and loved ones so that they can find more joy, fulfillment, and energy in their everyday work.

Fit in and Stand Out with your Capsule Wardrobe

Facilitator: Myra Herring

This session will leave you with practical tips on how to build your wardrobe and take the “guess work” out of putting your best foot forward.  Understand why your attire matters, and learn how you can easily put together your wardrobe without spending too much time doing it. With just a select amount of pieces in your wardrobe, you can master the “mix and match” strategy without the headache.  From “shopping smart” to understanding color theory, learn how to “fit in and stand out” with a powerful practical image.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Facilitator: Ashley Freeman

We all have that one conversation we know you need to have, but have been avoiding. This session is a call to action that provides a simple framework for that conversation so that you can move forward, enhance your relationships, and improve communication.

Pivoting in a Crisis

Facilitator: Myra Herring

What does it mean to “give yourself grace” while balancing a busy workload during a pandemic? This session will teach you easy steps to find a healthy balance and redefine how you can be productive during challenging times.

The Beauty of Confidence

Facilitator: Myra Herring

As you reflect on yourself as a leader, where does your confidence come from?  The answer is different for everyone. During this session you will gain insight into the role that Image, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Brand play in nurturing self-confidence. The extent to which we exhibit self-confidence impacts the perceptions and experiences others have when interacting with us. This interactive session will incorporate activities that help attendees tap into their strengths, promotes self-awareness and ultimately builds confidence.  This session will leave you with practical tips and strategies for ensuring the way you are experienced by others sends an undeniable message of confidence and capability.



The Power of Presence

Facilitator: Myra Herring

Awaken your personal power by making small adjustments which maximize your presence. We’ll talk about your physical presence, executive presence, and how these are different in a virtual world. This session will provide you with clarity on why these topics matter such a great deal as women right now!


Understanding yourself and others through Myers-Briggs®

Facilitator: Ashley Freeman

This interactive, half-day workshop (also available for individuals in a 90-minute format), MBTI® Certified Practitioner Ashley Freeman guides participants through the four preference pairs of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to identify their best-fit type, as well as a deeper dive into their preferences through their Step II™ facets. Participants will learn more about their own strengths and preferences, the value of combining their strengths with others’ on their team for making better decisions, and how to start applying key takeaways to their everyday work. For custom application to individual situations, coaching with Ashley makes a great add-on!

Using Your Strengths to Prevent Burnout

Facilitator: Ashley Freeman

When was the last time you felt truly alive in your work? In this session, participants will begin to define what their strengths are, learn how to apply them in their life and work, and understand how to use them to feel fulfilled even after the busiest day.

Win-Win Negotiations

Facilitator: Ashley Freeman

Did you know we all negotiate every day? From what’s for dinner to the salary for your next job, these skills are essential and pervasive. In this session, you’ll learn how both parties can win through a framework of simple steps to negotiate anything, and how to ease the anxiety of the conversation along the way.




Coaching Services

Tailor your program to the individual needs of your women leaders through one-on-one coaching services.



Work with Ashley Freeman

Ashley’s customized coaching services help women gain the clarity they need on the path to fulfill their purpose as leaders. As a result, they are able to more fully use their strengths and enhance their interpersonal skills as leaders. 

Work with Myra Herring

Myra works with ambitious women to help them see their value, show up fully, and run unapologetically into their purpose.  As a result, these women lead organizations and groups with confidence and empathy and better serve their communities.

Ashley was absolutely wonderful, and our members truly enjoyed the session. She provided such valuable information, and I can’t wait to see how they apply it along their leadership journey. Ashley was meant to inspire this group, and I’m so glad our paths crossed.

M. Brown

I really enjoyed Ashley’s talk. I truly admire her teaching style–she did a superb job presenting the material in a practical and accessible way. As a result, I now feel prepared to have a difficult conversation I’ve been putting off, thanks for the encouragement Ashley!

Stacy H.

Myra provided relevant and informative information to help employees build their personal brand. Her cool and collected delivery was very relatable. I walked away with several tips to implement immediately to be a better me.

Ashley Layne, Ed.D.

Program Director

Myra taught me how to better present myself and show up for other people. This was such a critical confidence booster for me, but the biggest thing is that I am walking away with is action items that I can put into practice today to make this year successful!

Courtney Becker

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